The Trembling Warrior: A Guide for Reluctant Activists

What Kind of Warrior?

There have been times in history when sensitive idealists have been able to concentrate fully on their calling: whether in the monastery or the pulpit; the therapy room, or the hut on the edge of the village; the artist’s studio, or the writer’s Parisian garret. Today, many can’t escape the growing sense that something moreContinue reading “What Kind of Warrior?”

Wild Wisdom

You may not need telling about the benefits of time spent in wild places. The wild can speak to your heart, nourish your soul, caress, soothe or excite your senses; enrich your work, evoke your passion, or fortify your courage. Even so, maybe it’s worth reminding ourselves about the replenishment, peace and inspiration wild placesContinue reading “Wild Wisdom”

Responding to Criticism

If your work in the world is visible, you’ve probably been criticised at some point: by the people in your life or on social media who hold different views, or by those who simply don’t like you, or your work. Criticism matters to most people: we’re social beings. But if you’re prone to self-doubt, itContinue reading “Responding to Criticism”

Finding your Tribe

When gentle young medic Katherine took part in her first fracking protest, she was shocked by the heavy-handed law enforcement when she encountered. “I grew up seeing the police as protectors,” she told me, “and that’s how I’ve experienced them in my work, so it was deeply alarming to find myself in a different relationshipContinue reading “Finding your Tribe”

Tend your Energy

You, like all life on Earth, are a perpetual process of ebb and flow. Sensitive idealists are more susceptible than most to ups and downs, and it helps to be familiar with your natural rhythms. Your pattern is unique to you; learning and managing your energy is a fine art. Extroverts typically thrive on aContinue reading “Tend your Energy”

Delightful Things

In 2015 I stood for parliament. I learnt a lot – mainly that I’m not a politician! I survived the exposure of the campaign, the endless research about diverse local and national topics, and the heated battles between parties, and within my own. But as soon as the campaign was over, I lapsed into depression.Continue reading “Delightful Things”

Mindfulness for Activists

Have you ever pushed yourself on a campaign or prolonged direct action, and recognised later that you pushed yourself too far? Have you fallen into despair when your voice doesn’t seem to have been heard? Mindfulness is the second resource in this series for reluctant activists. When we pay mindful attention to our experiences, weContinue reading “Mindfulness for Activists”

Do Something

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how we react. At least, that’s the popular self-help narrative. The idea that we can choose our emotional responses is empowering (though easier said than done). But there’s a suggestion here that we can’t affect outer events; only our inner reality. This is theContinue reading “Do Something”

Work That Heals The World

Many people grew up with the understanding that work is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Eight out of ten people are unhappy in their work. Surveys tell us this shocking stat, but we know it from friends and family; most adults know it personally. And despite attempts at corporate responsibility, most players inContinue reading “Work That Heals The World”

Spiritual Activism

Spirituality is an essential component of cultivating a healthier, more just world. Across the millennia, spiritual leaders of a community had a seat at the table where important decisions were made. Indeed, the wisdom they passed on from Spirit often took precedence. Today, spirituality is at best marginalised; and in many cases, dismissed as fantasy.Continue reading “Spiritual Activism”


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